Saturday, May 9, 2009

Starting Up Again

Yeah, I'm actually going to get back into blogging. I hope you 0 people that have seen this in the first place are excited. I actually abandoned this site, but am coming back to it, and likely permanently.

I originally was going to delete my first two posts and start all over, but decided to leave them for now. It half-ass displays what this will be about. The first is a movie review (in a way) and the second is commenting on a science article. The blog will be whatever I wish to speak about. Most of it will include religion, science, skepticism, and pop culture (more likely underground culture).

Comments are fully open so any asshole can be a pussy and post anonymously. I have no intention of changing this for I have no expectations that anyone will ever even see this blog. However, if, by some ridiculously fucked up circumstance, people show up and shit gets out of hand, I will change it. And I do not mean people being assholes, that's fine (and fun), but more spam and full books copied and pasted into comments.

Other than that... Enjoy!

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