Friday, May 22, 2009

VenomFangX Back: I Told You.... Wait...

VenomFangX came back today to say farewell, to which I respond, "good riddance!" Oh, and to announce that GEERUP is the new owner of the VFX channel, to which I respond, "Who gives a fuck about this lame fuck?" He's not even worth making fun of. He is not fun, he's fucking lame.

Now if you do not feel like reading Part 1 or Part 2, that is quite fine. I will embed a really good post by fellow metal musician, jordanowen42 where he sums up VFX's activities dating further back than I did in Part 1.

He doesn't source many of the things VFX has done, which is perfectly fine. It is not difficult to find that information. I have followed that little prick for a long time as well and can certainly direct folks where to go to find out more on certain activities.

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