Wednesday, May 20, 2009

VenomFangX Gone Part 2

Sorry for the delay, as if anyone read the first part in the first place. I had to quit while I was ahead to chemically induce sanity after discussing this rotten little swine. Oh... and reformatting my dying computer and getting that back up and running didn't help matters. Which of course caused consumption of C2H6O.

As I was attempting to gather more for this entry I discovered dprjones was fucking suspended for no apparent reason again. I think I actually covered all his videos that mattered, but they are gone now. I will look for mirrors at a later point in time (I know they are out there and I have at least one video I can mirror myself) and fix the links. If anyone actually reads this and wants fixed links, let me know in the comments and I may actually get on it.

Now I admit, due to wanting to get drunk instead of finish the previous entry, I really do not have any idea what else I was going to add. However, the honorable lordhathor managed to post a very fucking interesting interview with some preacher guy of some sort a couple days ago. I am going to embed the video, but you almost certainly need to go to the original source and read the transcript by clicking "more info."

There's plenty of interesting information in this, but the one that got me was that this preacher was trying to hire VFX to become a minister and VFX declined because making more money from his donations. There is more about him not registering for tax exempt status and how he got believers at his college to pose as atheists in his street preaching videos. This is also fairly important. He claimed he was going to show his viewers how his money was being made with his street preaching videos, and the fucking fraud hired actors to pose as atheists and appear interested or converted for his street preaching videos.

Now that I am wrapping up this half-coherent (if even half) summary of VenomFangX's recent drama, I have to admit, I am completely conflicted. I am glad he is gone and I truly hope that fucker left because of legal action. Even further, I hope the fucker goes to jail for a while, at least one year. However, he is entertaining as fuck. Since he went away I do not access my YouTube subscriptions as often or fervently. His videos were so ridiculously stupid, but the best part was everyone (especially the fine folks I listed in the previous entry) refuting his ass in spectacular ways. I was really into the entire month of April, but I really wish it did not go out in a sputter. I would like to know what really happened. I do not doubt he received death threats from Muslims, but I have severe doubts the threats were mailed to his home. I highly suspect he got in trouble with more than just his parents and this was his cover.

The positive part of this is that people know his name and address. Honorable people that will not give out the information, but it is enough information to search for criminal records. In time, if my hunch is correct, this will be made very public.

I do not think VenomFangX is gone permanently. He has pulled this shit before and no one can put it past him to not pull it off again. I just think he will be gone much longer this time, either due to legal action, parental control, or tact. But mark my words, that narcissistic little fuck will be back.

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