Sunday, May 10, 2009

VenomFangX Gone?

NO! I highly fucking doubt it. However, unlike many other atheists that follow this smug fucking prick, I do not think this is entirely a stunt like the previous time.

For those 0 readers not in the know, I will provide the story of what has happened recently (and even further back), but it would be best supplemented by watching videos on the subject from dprjones, lordhathor, Thunderf00t, and jordanowen42.

VenomFangX is a plagiarist creationist. The following are two excellent examples:


VenomFangX (VFX) is a fraud, a liar, and a plagiarist, not to mention a piece of shit. Oh yeah, he is also a fucking coward afraid of Muslims. He has left before and came back one week later.

Okay, so I've established the character of VFX... what? Oh fuck, I still have more to go. So, apparently, DMCA reports were a half-ass common thing amongst YouTube users last year when they were pissed off at someone. As it turns out, false DMCA claims are illegal. Guess which piece of shit fraud filed a false DMCA. That's right, VFX filed a false DMCA against the laudable Thunderf00t. Thunderf00t was likely VFX's biggest and best critic debunking practically everything VFX has said in his videos. VFX seemed to think since Thunderf000t was using clips of VFX's videos that he could file a DMCA against him. This failed and Thunderf00t, with some legal aid, got VFX to apologize.

Okay, I think I have enough history out of the way. Now for this retard's recent actions. April 1st VFX asked for donations because he was fired from his job. His job was working at a video store and he was fired for playing Expelled in the store, using the DVD burners to mass produce Kent Hovind DVD's, and preaching/giving these DVDs to customers. So instead of working and supporting himself, he wanted to depend on his fans for income. He then claimed in this video that he wants 500 people to donate $1 and once he received over $500 he would donate the rest of it to Sick Kid's Hospital.

After receiving over $500 in donations -- at least two donations were $500 -- he changed his mind and said that he would donate after he received 500 donations, not $500. Then the fucking asshole blames his flock for donating more than $1 and at the end he encourages higher donations. In this same video he states he needs $400 a month for his car and he now needs $900 a month. This video was made April 25th and he was approaching 500 individual donations. So what does he do? He ends the month and starts the count for May on that day.

So why the need for an extra $400 a month? Because his parents found out he was receiving donations. Since he was now making an income his father decided he can make his own car payments. DprJones released both those two videos on April 29th and April 30th, 2009. Lordhathor started his series of VFX Exposed on April 16th. This series started displaying that VFX has, in fact, had at least two PayPal accounts, though on April 25th VFX claimed that this was a lie by atheists who are out to make him go down. Lordhathor has shown that VFX's first known Paypal account was registered to "" and the one we've most recently seen is registered to "" Yes, it is true you can change your e-mail address for PayPal, however, as Lordhathor shows, the first,, was actually shut down. Hence, he had to create a new account.

Follow with Part 2.

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