Sunday, June 21, 2009

Dear Mac Users... Shut The FUCK Up!

Okay, you fuckers are goddamn annoying. In fact, you are appearing little different from a religious cult. A nice majority of homes have a computer of some sort, but only a certain minority are saying to everyone they know, "Own a computer like mine." These people are Mac users. Guess what, this is almost no different from, "Join a faith like mine." Sure, product recommendation can be a good thing, but when you are telling someone driving a 1980 Ford Pinto that they should "invest" in a BMW (unrealistic comparison of PC vs. Mac), you are an arrogant, materialistic fuck. Here is a nice quote from The Best Page In The Universe:

Ever notice how most Mac users are skinny? It's because of all the calories they burn because they can't shut the fuck up about how great their Macs are. What is it about Apple that makes its users unable to shut their mouths? Everywhere I go, there's another asshole with a Mac preaching about how much better Macs are than PCs. They regurgitate lines directly from Apple's marketing campaign, like "it just works."

Now I am not saying that Mac sucks, it doesn't. I just find them next to useless. Software support used to be worthless, now it's getting better, but is still not very good.

I will now tell a personal story. An old roommate bought an iMac notebook. During this time he was just like all the other Mac users, telling me it is time to get a Mac. I played with his iMac a bit. It seemed nonsensical to me. I then asked, "Well, what can I do with it?" He told me I can do this cool scroll thingy for my programs. Well what fucking good is that when there is jack shit for programs? Then everyday after work where would I find him? In my room, on my Windows machine.

Now why would a devout Mac user spend all his time on a Windows machine? That is because he can actually do shit on it. Seriously, have you fuckers even got Starcraft on that thing yet? Yeah, okay, well at least you have that... after waiting a fucking year for it after PC(and Blizzard actually likes Apple).

Granted, software for the Mac is starting to improve, but this machine is still right next to useless for me and millions of other people, so until Apple becomes more affordable and versatile, put your smug fucking, apple glowey logo panel loving asses in your 100% leather executive office chairs in front of your white (or faggoty-ass neon) computer and be as useless as your computer and shut the fuck up!


  1. God damn, I hate Mac users. Macs aren't such bad equipment... They CAN BE just as good as your standard linux distro... But seriously; STFU you Mac-tards! I work in IT and my coworker practically rejoices when she hears someone else is getting a Mac. Do I give a fuck if a Mac user wants a PC?
    On my desk, I have a Mac Mini, a Lenovo Tablet runing Windows 7 with an XP VM, and an Ubuntu Box with an XP VM and I am an administrator over a Server 2003, Fedora Server and Solaris.
    I'm a linux guy... Do I want everyone to go out and get a Mac? Hell no. Buy what you want. I don't care either way.

    Just seriously, shut the fuck up.

  2. I you weed out all the bullshit in this article, you're totally right.

    Actually its been proven that mac users have a lower IQ than PC. and its generally the shiny colors and wavy lines they are attracted to

    This study was conducted by Dr. John Heitz of Stanford university.

    If you want something pretty, get a mac. If you want to get something done, get a PC

  3. Thanks for both your comments. Christ, you fuckers are more militant than I am, hahaha. I am curious about the study on Mac users having a lower IQ. I'm not sure that's true, but if so, I suspect it is because Macs are easy to use and people that are less computer savvy (whom in which likely are less educated) tend to buy easier computers.

    Do you guys remember Windows ME? Made for dipshits. It was so tailored for dipshits that smart people couldn't even use that shit.

  4. Hey, mind not linking me with some off the Mac diehard fans? You do know there are mature Mac users.

  5. Hey, mind not linking me with some off the Mac diehard fans? You do know there are mature Mac users.