Monday, June 1, 2009

Star Wars: The Old Republic E3 Trailer IS Online

Update... here it is!

I just happened to remember to turn on G4TV when I got home today knowing the E3 Conference is going on. There were a bunch of guys dressed up in Jedi robes holding lightsabers. Not even a minute after turning on my TV they showed the world premiere cinematic from the upcoming MMO The Old Republic. Holy shit was it fucking beautiful and full of ass kicking.

You see a ship flying toward Coruscant then cut to the Jedi Temple. Then an individual in a cloak and a Twilek are entering the temple. They look up and nod to a bounty hunter, who is haning out a couple floors up outside. The bounty hunter then flies up (like Boba Fett) several floors and sneaks inside the temple.

The two individuals walk into the temple and Jedi approach them. Cut to the bounty hunter that takes out a couple Jedi and looks at a holocron of the ship we saw flying toward Coruscant. Back to the main hall of Jedi, behind the two individuals that ship is flying a crash course into the Jedi Temple. The ship crashes into the main hall in a similar fashion to Starkiller taking down a Star Destroyer in The Force Unleashed. It stops right behind the cloaked individual and a wide door opens. A red lightsaber ignites. Beat. About twenty more lightsabers ignite. That was fucking awesome!!!

Then dozens of Jedi and Sith fucking go at it. The first cloaked individual was, of course, a Sith and he faces off against who appears to be the head Jedi. The action and saber battles are amazing. The entire clip looks fucking great. The clip ends with the head Sith & Jedi in a jump toward each other and land in front of each other, someone got stabbed. Then cut to the ground, a lightsaber drops. It is disengaged with smoke coming out of the hilt and a nice green tint to let you know who was stabbed.

Keep checking G4's The Old Republic site. The trailer should show up fairly soon.

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