Friday, August 14, 2009

District 9 Afterthoughts

I saw District 9 and quite enjoyed it. I have no intentions on talking much about the movie, but I do have some booze in me, so let's see how far I go.

District 9 starts off very documentary-like. I actually stays like this for about 15-20 minutes as it introduces us to the only human (Wikus) we will give a fuck about. He is a pencil-neck little fucking dweeb put in charge of a mission to evict these aliens from their current residences. These aliens have been in South Africa for 20 years now, nobody really wants them around, and it is apparent they have no way to fix their mothership to return home so they are stuck here. The plan is to move them 240 kilometers from the city they currently reside.

The aliens are treated as less than 2nd class citizens and the plan is to move them to a concentration camp where no human will have to see them. Wikus, along with a few military personnel as backup, shows up to their slum to personally notify each of them that they are evicted. This is where it gets rather fun. It turns out, these aliens are a little bit unruly. Not gangster unruly, but have little respect for authority and fuck around quite a bit.

It appears that the mothership was transporting a million individuals (which has grown to 1.8 million in the last 20 years) and, although more advanced than humans, these are just regular joes of the aliens. None of them, but a couple, can actually build any technology. Just think... If you were to be on a space cruiser and accidentally land on another planet and all the scientists died on the way, would you be able to build a shuttle to get yourself home or build a gun to defend yourself? It seems much like that and that is highly commendable to make the aliens very human in that regard, they are not all specialists in technology.

Surprisingly, I have the willpower to quit there. That is really all you need to know of the movie. This movie should be seen without knowing jack-shit other than that.

What I love about this is its display of human nature. Humans love to subjugate others. Even the subjugated classes enjoy subjugating the aliens. It is almost as if they are keeping them around for the sole purpose of subjugating them. The humans ensure they do not get away so they can have the joy of killing them like bugs.

Aside from the social commentary, the movie can be quite funny at times. I enjoyed how the aliens all look different and have their own personalities. They even wear human clothes and begin to talk like humans with regard to profanity. I read on AICN that the movie gets rather gory. This is not true (at least to my standards of "gory"), but there is quite a bit of blood being thrown everywhere in some scenes.

Overall, the most effective parts of the movie are when you see the military folks pull out their pistol and just shoot an alien in the head point-blank for little-to-no reason. There is much parallel to the genocide that goes on in the world.

Last thoughts: I did see his short film "Alive in Joburg" and really liked it. It is on YouTube, so watch it and that is a decent sample of the first half-hour or so of what this movie is. I saw this when he was going to be the director of the Halo movie that was slated for 2007, but fell through. I do hope that he does get to do Halo. His screen test of Halo was pretty decent, especially the first couple minutes. I really liked how he nailed the needler gun. I hope District 9 is a huge success and he can finally do Halo, then move on to whatever he wants to do.

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