Thursday, October 29, 2009

BluRay on the new Wii???

IGN reports the rumor (video below) of the Wii2 possibly coming out next year with BluRay capability. My first thought was, "Awesome!" but that was sort of downplayed by, "What's the fucking point?" I do have a Wii and I also have a PS3 (which has BluRay). If it were XBox and Microsoft were to admit defeat from siding with HD-DVD (which I did in the beginning as well) and made their next model BluRay ready, that would be news. The problem with this is that the Wii just is not that powerful and the games do not require the storage of a BluRay. I've played Twilight Princess and it is plenty long a game. I really do not see any game developers utilizing the BluRay for Wii2 because it is just not necessary. The only benefit will be the ability to play movies, which is about fucking time, Nintendo.

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