Saturday, May 30, 2009

iPhone/iPod Touch Get Out Of Jail Free

This is going to be my first post about the iPhone/iPod Touch with regards to jailbreaking or anything to do with a jailbroken iPhone/iPod Touch. The video I have below is important. Many people that are wary of jailbreaking their iPhone/iPod Touch are afraid of bricking (fucking it permanently) it. There are MANY reasons to jailbreak. This video should set your minds at ease and I will likely refer back to it in the future. Note, this guy has a "bricked" iPhone and gets it back up and running.

Another Anti-Gay Ripped To Shreds

I love me some Crosisborg. He's one of my favorite YouTube Atheists. I think it's his liberal use of the phrase "fucking moron." Check this shit out, or at least go to about 3 minutes in on the second video.

The person he's refuting is DavidLynch007, whom in which I refuse to link to. Fuck him! My favorite part is when DavidLynch007 states that homos have the same rights we do, just different preferences. Then Crosisborg makes the brilliant comparison that everyone is given the right to vote Democrat just like everybody else, but you cannot vote Republican. You have the same rights as everyone else, so we're sorry it doesn't match your preferences.

Fucking Cool!

I want this to a pretty high degree. Check it out:

Friday, May 29, 2009

Fuck The NMPA & MPA, Seriously!

The NMPA (National Music Publishers Association) and the MPA (Music Publishers' Association) have been a pain in my ass since I began playing guitar in March 1996. As a beginning guitarist I found the best way to learn how to play guitar and develop your own style is to learn how to play songs you enjoy and not play songs a guitar teacher thinks is the appropriate for beginners.

An old guitarist of mine used to say, "you need to learn to crawl before you can fly." What he meant by this is that I need to learn simpler music before I can move on to more complex music. This is not completely true. Any ambitious beginner should be able to grasp moderately simple riffs like some older Metallica songs within a short period of time. I did, and many old Metallica riffs are rather challenging for a beginner, but when you keep trying you get the riff and you become a better musician along the way.

Guitar tablature (tab) is incredibly easy to read. In late 1995 I was at a classmate's house and he had an electric bass he was borrowing. I was playing around with it not having a clue what I was doing. He then showed me a tab of a Korn song he was learning and taught me how to read it in about a minute. I was off and running. In March of 1996 I bought my first electric guitar at a pawn shop. That same classmate was printing out tablature from the On-Line Guitar Archive (OLGA) for me left and right. He listened to a lot of Alternative music which I was never into, but he printed out tabs for those songs as well and I played them anyway. Tab was instrumental (pun, oddly, not intended) in my instruction as a musician. Learning from professional musicians taught me song structure and riff structure. I also started noticing trends that led me to begin to understand music theory. I later bought The Guitar Grimoire (the black one, I think it was scales & modes) and everything I have learned from playing other artists' music clicked. Music Theory clicked. After High School I went on to college as a psychology major, but I did take a year of Music Theory which strengthened my knowledge even further.

By this time I was hardly playing other artists' music as I was writing my own. 1999 was a good year for me musically. I wrote many songs, two of which, I think, are my best songs to this day. Even though I was mostly writing, on occasion I would hear a riff I wanted to know or someone would want to jam to a certain song. This is where a quick internet search for tab was useful. Also by this time a new program has come out to make creating tablature easier called Power Tab. I do not think it was too widely used when it first came out, but I used it to tab out my own songs and it printed nicely.

I think 2000 was the year that changed everything and really set fire under the asses of the shareholders of above mentioned greedy fucks. Power Tab now had MIDI implementation and a full musical score above the tab itself. It now not only had the ability to play the transcribed song in MIDI, it could import MIDI files for automatic transcription, and it looks just as nice as professional transcriptions you will find in a score book. This was an instant hit and Brad Larsen (creator) told me that he was working on adding the ability to add drums for the next release (which sadly never happened). It did not take long and many popular tablature sites were now hosting Power Tab files (.ptb's) created by users in addition to ASCII tabs. used to (or perhaps still does, can't see yet due to public ban) contain thousands of Power Tab files. I still have many files I downloaded from there and most of them were well done and accurate.

Now one thing I want to make very clear is that the majority of major tab sites contained tabs from every style of music. Mainstream, Independent, all the way some kid uploading his own music like myself. When the NMPA & MPA come to these major tab sites they are forced to take down everything. In case that is not clear, the NMPA and the MPA have come in and forced tablature sites to take down tabs for Independent artists. They have absolutely no right to the intellectual property of Independent artists. NONE!

But... "People can get [tab] for free on the internet, and it's hurting the songwriters," says Chief Asshole of the MPA, Lauren Keiser. And to this asshole, shutting down the website just isn't good enough. No, he also suggests we "throw in some jail time I think we'll be a little more effective."

I, personally, do not give a fuck about music that is on a major label. I listen to very little of it. I'll even grant them their right to take down tabs from major label artists for the sake of this argument... for now. If this is the case, it is no different from poisoning an entire pool to get rid of some flesh-eating piranhas with a complete lack of regard for the innocent kids that still have every right to be there.

Now with that out of the way I am going to take back my granting of their right. First off, anyone that has ever used tablature they got online knows that much of the tab out there is not quite correct. Most tabs that we used to find online were a series of notes that resembled the song we were searching for. These are generally interpretations of how another guitarist thought the song was played. Many times people get the right notes, but wrong string. For example, you can play an E on the 7th fret of the A string or you can play that same E on the 12th Fret of the low E string or the 2nd fret on the D string. There are two important distinctions between these three positions. First is due to the different densities of the strings, the tone will be different. Second, and most important, is the position your hand is in and the ease and need to get to the next note can be drastically changed by altering the position on the fretboard.

When you buy a song book, which I have and urge everyone to never buy anymore again, you notice that the transcription shows every detail of how the song was played in the recording. These include unintended flaws and techniques like slides and palm muting. Some techniques are too difficult and/or time consuming to transcribe. When this is not 100% accurate, do they still have a right to it? I'm leaning toward no.

So now I am going to go into slippery slope reasoning. Part slippery slope, part genuine concerns. What about the video tutorials on YouTube? What about cover bands? Please, go after these fucking lazy assholes! How about music teachers?

The reason some of these are not under attack by this group of assholes is that it is too time consuming because they are spread out all over the place. Tablature sites have everything in one spot. It's like blowing up buildings in Iraq trying to get Saddam and everyone else was acceptable collateral damage to these greedy pricks.

I would like to one day create a tab site with every intention of keeping it running and let it go to court so these arguments can be heard in court and hopefully well publicized. Nobody that I am aware of thus far has refused to shut their site down and be taken to court over this. I would not mind being the first.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

10 Things You Didn't Know About Orgasm

I'm completely ripping this off from Greg Laden. I love me some TED Talks (I even have a DVD of TED Talks) and this one is no exception. It is also fucking hilarious. I've not heard of Mary Roach before, but I have seen her book Stiff in book stores before. I will certainly be looking for her more often now. She is fascinating and funny.

Friday, May 22, 2009

VenomFangX Back: I Told You.... Wait...

VenomFangX came back today to say farewell, to which I respond, "good riddance!" Oh, and to announce that GEERUP is the new owner of the VFX channel, to which I respond, "Who gives a fuck about this lame fuck?" He's not even worth making fun of. He is not fun, he's fucking lame.

Now if you do not feel like reading Part 1 or Part 2, that is quite fine. I will embed a really good post by fellow metal musician, jordanowen42 where he sums up VFX's activities dating further back than I did in Part 1.

He doesn't source many of the things VFX has done, which is perfectly fine. It is not difficult to find that information. I have followed that little prick for a long time as well and can certainly direct folks where to go to find out more on certain activities.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

CONvergence 2009, Yeah, I AM Going!

I went to CONvergence last year. I was not impressed. Granted, the place it is held is fucking awesome, the people are probably equally as awesome, the party rooms are fucking killer, but the panels... Holy fuck were most of the panels I went to complete horseshit.

I went to the Battlestar Galactica panel and an audience member made a comment about them finding Earth (what they thought to be Earth on S04E10). One panelist seemed very frustrated, and why, you may ask? Because the fucking guy hasn't seen any episodes past Season 3. It was a fucking spoiler for him! The fucking guy should not have been in the audience, and certainly not on the fucking panel if he was not ready to discuss the latest episodes and willing to speculate future episodes.

Another one was "Ecology of Monsters" which was boring as fuck and was apparent they had no idea what "ecology" meant. And yet another was "How To Be a Geek in the Workplace." I admit this was fascinating in some aspect, but all that occurred is the entire room, panelists and audience, bitching about how they feel discriminated against by coworkers for being a dork.

Almost every panel I went to see were just common people that should have been in the audience. No experts. These should have been just group discussions over Yahoo Chat as far as I was concerned.

I did go to both of Peter Mayhew's (Chewbacca) panels. He had some interesting stories, though he (and myself) is obviously sick of the question, "Doesn't it get hot in that costume?" One fun thing he talked about was the filming of Return Of The Jedi. During the filming in the woods in California he was told to stay on set when they were not filming. He was a bit confused why, and was then told, "This is Sasquatch country." That's fucking hilarious!

Peter Mayhew, nor any others I knew, or gave a fuck about, were showing up so I really had no intention on pre-registering for this year. The last list of guests I saw in my e-mail subscription were people I did not know. But... Then comes along this. Fucking PZ Myers is going to be there... and on FUCKING PANELS! I met PZ briefly last year at the American Atheists Conference in downtown Minneapolis. It was nothing spectacular, I just wanted to introduce myself quickly and let the man move along. It went something like this:

Drunk-ass: These are not the droids you are looking for.

PZ: These are not the droids I am looking for.

Drunk-ass: Move along.

PZ: Move along, move along.

But that is not all. We also got some Skepchicks showing up and they have some pretty good info on what to do to get them all get naked in Minnesota for you right here.

The entire Skeptic Track will be in Atrium 7, which is one of the smaller rooms, sadly. Hopefully it goes very well and it will be a recurring theme like with DragonCon in Atlanta. Then perhaps we could get more heavy-hitters of skepticism here. Phil Plait, I'm looking at you!

VenomFangX Gone Part 2

Sorry for the delay, as if anyone read the first part in the first place. I had to quit while I was ahead to chemically induce sanity after discussing this rotten little swine. Oh... and reformatting my dying computer and getting that back up and running didn't help matters. Which of course caused consumption of C2H6O.

As I was attempting to gather more for this entry I discovered dprjones was fucking suspended for no apparent reason again. I think I actually covered all his videos that mattered, but they are gone now. I will look for mirrors at a later point in time (I know they are out there and I have at least one video I can mirror myself) and fix the links. If anyone actually reads this and wants fixed links, let me know in the comments and I may actually get on it.

Now I admit, due to wanting to get drunk instead of finish the previous entry, I really do not have any idea what else I was going to add. However, the honorable lordhathor managed to post a very fucking interesting interview with some preacher guy of some sort a couple days ago. I am going to embed the video, but you almost certainly need to go to the original source and read the transcript by clicking "more info."

There's plenty of interesting information in this, but the one that got me was that this preacher was trying to hire VFX to become a minister and VFX declined because making more money from his donations. There is more about him not registering for tax exempt status and how he got believers at his college to pose as atheists in his street preaching videos. This is also fairly important. He claimed he was going to show his viewers how his money was being made with his street preaching videos, and the fucking fraud hired actors to pose as atheists and appear interested or converted for his street preaching videos.

Now that I am wrapping up this half-coherent (if even half) summary of VenomFangX's recent drama, I have to admit, I am completely conflicted. I am glad he is gone and I truly hope that fucker left because of legal action. Even further, I hope the fucker goes to jail for a while, at least one year. However, he is entertaining as fuck. Since he went away I do not access my YouTube subscriptions as often or fervently. His videos were so ridiculously stupid, but the best part was everyone (especially the fine folks I listed in the previous entry) refuting his ass in spectacular ways. I was really into the entire month of April, but I really wish it did not go out in a sputter. I would like to know what really happened. I do not doubt he received death threats from Muslims, but I have severe doubts the threats were mailed to his home. I highly suspect he got in trouble with more than just his parents and this was his cover.

The positive part of this is that people know his name and address. Honorable people that will not give out the information, but it is enough information to search for criminal records. In time, if my hunch is correct, this will be made very public.

I do not think VenomFangX is gone permanently. He has pulled this shit before and no one can put it past him to not pull it off again. I just think he will be gone much longer this time, either due to legal action, parental control, or tact. But mark my words, that narcissistic little fuck will be back.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Testes testes, 1 2, is it on?

Just testing to see if I can blog on my iPod Touch without internet connection. VenomFangX post to continue soon.

Edit: Success, it worked. I wasn't sure if iBlogger required an internet connection for me to type. That's a major pain about many iPhone/iPod Touch programs. They save so much space (which is really nice) in their program, but require internet to work.

I may actually have some blogs about jailbreaking the iPod Touch 2nd Generation, and possibly iPhone if I get one, at a later date.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

VenomFangX Gone?

NO! I highly fucking doubt it. However, unlike many other atheists that follow this smug fucking prick, I do not think this is entirely a stunt like the previous time.

For those 0 readers not in the know, I will provide the story of what has happened recently (and even further back), but it would be best supplemented by watching videos on the subject from dprjones, lordhathor, Thunderf00t, and jordanowen42.

VenomFangX is a plagiarist creationist. The following are two excellent examples:


VenomFangX (VFX) is a fraud, a liar, and a plagiarist, not to mention a piece of shit. Oh yeah, he is also a fucking coward afraid of Muslims. He has left before and came back one week later.

Okay, so I've established the character of VFX... what? Oh fuck, I still have more to go. So, apparently, DMCA reports were a half-ass common thing amongst YouTube users last year when they were pissed off at someone. As it turns out, false DMCA claims are illegal. Guess which piece of shit fraud filed a false DMCA. That's right, VFX filed a false DMCA against the laudable Thunderf00t. Thunderf00t was likely VFX's biggest and best critic debunking practically everything VFX has said in his videos. VFX seemed to think since Thunderf000t was using clips of VFX's videos that he could file a DMCA against him. This failed and Thunderf00t, with some legal aid, got VFX to apologize.

Okay, I think I have enough history out of the way. Now for this retard's recent actions. April 1st VFX asked for donations because he was fired from his job. His job was working at a video store and he was fired for playing Expelled in the store, using the DVD burners to mass produce Kent Hovind DVD's, and preaching/giving these DVDs to customers. So instead of working and supporting himself, he wanted to depend on his fans for income. He then claimed in this video that he wants 500 people to donate $1 and once he received over $500 he would donate the rest of it to Sick Kid's Hospital.

After receiving over $500 in donations -- at least two donations were $500 -- he changed his mind and said that he would donate after he received 500 donations, not $500. Then the fucking asshole blames his flock for donating more than $1 and at the end he encourages higher donations. In this same video he states he needs $400 a month for his car and he now needs $900 a month. This video was made April 25th and he was approaching 500 individual donations. So what does he do? He ends the month and starts the count for May on that day.

So why the need for an extra $400 a month? Because his parents found out he was receiving donations. Since he was now making an income his father decided he can make his own car payments. DprJones released both those two videos on April 29th and April 30th, 2009. Lordhathor started his series of VFX Exposed on April 16th. This series started displaying that VFX has, in fact, had at least two PayPal accounts, though on April 25th VFX claimed that this was a lie by atheists who are out to make him go down. Lordhathor has shown that VFX's first known Paypal account was registered to "" and the one we've most recently seen is registered to "" Yes, it is true you can change your e-mail address for PayPal, however, as Lordhathor shows, the first,, was actually shut down. Hence, he had to create a new account.

Follow with Part 2.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Starting Up Again

Yeah, I'm actually going to get back into blogging. I hope you 0 people that have seen this in the first place are excited. I actually abandoned this site, but am coming back to it, and likely permanently.

I originally was going to delete my first two posts and start all over, but decided to leave them for now. It half-ass displays what this will be about. The first is a movie review (in a way) and the second is commenting on a science article. The blog will be whatever I wish to speak about. Most of it will include religion, science, skepticism, and pop culture (more likely underground culture).

Comments are fully open so any asshole can be a pussy and post anonymously. I have no intention of changing this for I have no expectations that anyone will ever even see this blog. However, if, by some ridiculously fucked up circumstance, people show up and shit gets out of hand, I will change it. And I do not mean people being assholes, that's fine (and fun), but more spam and full books copied and pasted into comments.

Other than that... Enjoy!