Saturday, July 25, 2009

VenomFangX Is Back, And He's Pissed

Back in May VenomFangX left YouTube "for good," which is nothing new. The fucker has left and came back a couple times. Now he claims he has "not 'returned,'" yet he is ranting about the Thunderf00t and Ray Comfort debate. Check it out, he's pissed (he even says "damn" a few times) and actually tells Thunderf00t he is so wrong and is destroying our future so must therefore take all his videos down.

As far as I know, this is the first time he has shown his face online (he does actually show his face for a moment to mock Thunderf00t) since his farewell address. I am fairly certain in just a short amount of time he will be back on his channel a bit more frequently until he takes it back completely.

Holy Shit! Thunderf00t Vs. Ray Comfort!!!

I haven't even watched this yet. I just wanted to post it right away.

Click here to go directly to the playlist that will play the entire thing. It's fucking long, too. Looks like about 10 parts at around 10 minutes a piece. I am going to watch it now and may come back with commentary.


Okay, I watched it. It was rather pointless a debate I think until near the end when Thunderf00t finally got to evolution. So just skip to part 7 when it finally gets interesting. Before that, Ray Comfort actually doesn't seem like his normal dipshit self. But once they get to evolution, Ray is back to his normal self.

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