Saturday, September 5, 2009

What Do I Think On The Health Care Socialism?

The simple answer is I don't fucking know. I know jack-shit about it and could not possibly care less about it because it does not apply to me at this moment in time. I have been paying health insurance for about 10 years and haven't even fucking used it. Yeah, I've been to the doc a few times over these 10 years, but my insurance has never covered those once or twice a year visits. They make you wait until you spend $500+ before they will put any money into it. Yeah, fuck them!

What is getting my goat, yeah, the one I sacrificed last night, is a small group of assholes that are actually wasting their time lying about what the proposed health care system will entail. Death camps? Are you fucking kidding me? You are fucking liars. In fact, I will go all out and say for 100% fact that anyone who says this is a fucking liar. Go ahead and sue me for libel. I fucking dare you. Post here and I will call you a liar by your full name to make it easier for you.

Equally as disturbing is hearing how the Democrats may not reach their 60 votes to kill a filibuster. This is not disturbing because of the death of a Democratic Senator, it is fucking disturbing because of the us-vs-them attitude in our political system and our society. I am angered at this attitude to the point where I would maybe even give into the idea of censorship towards people with a political agenda of this sort.

Are you Republican? Well... Fuck you! Are you Democrat? Well... Fuck you, too! I would like to boycott voting, but I cannot because it is too important to prevent retards from entering office.

I honestly wish that the alien conspiracy theories were true. Perhaps then people that live on this planet would realize that we must quit bickering over small shit and work toward blowing up another planet.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Bill Donohue Is A Fucking Internet Pirate. Fucking Cool!!!

I truly can never get enough of this pompous blowhard (PZ's term of endearment). It is ridiculously hilarious how unintentionally humorous he is. He claims to have 350,000 in his membership and he fucking acts like it, too. Wait... isn't that 162,000 more than will get into Heaven?

About halfway through he gets asked about the season finale of Penn & Teller: Bullshit! What is great about this video, along with any other video you see of him demonizing something, is he starts a sentence with, "This was the most..." Better yet, this fat fuck says he is making thousands of copies and sending them across the US to Catholic leaders because he is pissed off that they made fun of catholics (lack of caps intentional) instead of Jews. The entire Bullshit! episode he's referencing is linked below the blubber-enhanced windbag.

Bullshit! The Vatican